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EZWALL® is an innovative precut, pre-marked framing package designed as wall panels but assembled in the field by framers instead of a wall panel plant. Each wall kit is separately labeled for easy and fast installation.

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Q: What is EZWALL®?

An innovative precut, pre-marked framing package assembled in the field by framers, not off-site. Each wall bundle is labeled for easy and efficient installation.

Q: What framing materials are included with an EZWALL® package?

A-1 is a component manufacturer focused on adding value to lumber therefore, we provide wall framing material that does not need not to be cut, excluding sheathing.

What installation documentation is included with EZWALL® job site packet?

Fully dimensioned wall placement plans, individual wall shop drawings with framer-friendly marking of all cut parts and pieces (Ex, bottom/top plates, jacks, cripples, sill plates.)

What are the advantages of EZWALL®?

There are several advantages of EZWALL®, including 20% faster cycle times, framing waste reduction, safe to assemble – minimal saw time required on site. Significantly reduces waste removal costs.

How are EZWALL® products delivered?

EZWALL® frame kits are delivered on flat bed (trailers) and off loaded with a Moffett for proper placement and to ensure the package kits remain intact.

You can have it all with the EZWALL® Innovative Framing Solution from A-1 Industries. Our precision-cut, pre-labeled wall framing kits revolutionize construction, ensuring faster builds with minimal waste.

Reduce on-site cutting, unexpected delays, and realize 20% faster cycle times than conventional framing methods. That means more homes and more profit for builders and framers. We start with your plans. Our designers will work with you every step of the way and make any changes before you build, eliminating costly job site errors and waste. Our state-of-the-art saws and proprietary technology precision cuts each piece with accuracy. So, each piece has easy-to-understand, high-performance markings, and wall kits are assembled on-site for ease of use. Once you’ve completed your first build with EZWALL® , you’ll never return to traditional stick framing.

With A-1’s lumber mill direct relationships, and proven track record of on-time deliveries, you can be sure you’ll be on schedule.

At A-1, we work with single-family, multi-family and custom home builders supplying the best products at competitive pricing and delivering them where and when you need them – that’s the A-1 partner pledge.

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